We are always on the look-out for open-source specialists who want to share their knowledge with others.

Contact us, we would love to hear about your project proposal. Whether digital or printed, 40 pages or 1000, together we can find the right format.

To see what our collaboration could look like, take a look at the main steps involved in turning your idea into a book:   

Step 1: Talk to Us  

Meet us for a confidential and informal conversation to learn what you need to know about the technical process, contract, royalties and deadlines. A good structure and the joint composition of a sample text will make it easier for you to begin work on the actual manuscript.  

Step 2: You Write, We Read

We can accompany your writing process with our infrastructure and straightforward guidance for authors. We will answer your questions on technology and content quickly and directly, and can provide direct contact to other experts in our large network where necessary.

Step 3: From Text to Book

Once you have finished work on the manuscript, our editorial office gets to work: we will collaborate closely with you to get your text ready for publication in terms of both content and style.

Step 4: And now Relax

...because we will take care of the last vital steps: illustrations, design, announcements, production, advertising, distribution and accounting – all the things that need to be done so that your knowledge can find its way to those who want and need it. Benefit from our experience.
Interested? Then contact us.