Network Backup Strategies and Solutions

Philipp Storz

It is almost impossible to overstate the importance of a reliable backup strategy for companies of any size. Bacula is an open-source solution that is configurable and powerful enough to cover every need – even in heterogeneous networks.

This first book on Bacula from the pen of a proven expert is a step by step guide to designing and implementing a reliable backup system. After a definition of terms surrounding possible backup concepts, you will be told everything you need to know to integrate Bacula in your IT infrastructure. The example scenarios are expanded step by step, giving you practical solutions and a deep insight into the system and its internal mechanisms. You will be able to make specific adjustments to your own system environment and perform targeted troubleshooting. If you are an administrator responsible for the data at your company, this book will prepare you perfectly for that task.

The author has created a Bacula appliance you can use to follow the examples in the book. Registered users can download it from the website accompanying the book.

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1. edition
ISBN 978-3-95539-002-0
english, 594 pages


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